By starting therapy you're courageously taking responsibility  for yourself and acting on hope for a better life.  I help you to become more of who you are at your core.  My job is to be an independent champion for you. To help you sift through your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions to get to what isn't working for you which allows you to make the necessary changes.  We all have one life and the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to live it the best we possibly can.   I'm honored to walk and guide you through this process of becoming the stronger and happier version of yourself. 


Working from an integrative framework,  I take mind, body, and spirit into account as we approach your difficulties together. Life is long and we all struggle sometimes with the hard parts of being human...confusion,  conflicts phobias, changes,  anxieties, sadness, grief. My clients are invited to bring whatever struggles they have to therapy and to say whatever they've never been able to say that's been a burden for them.  If you feel it or think it, we can work with it.  


While I love working with individuals, I'm equally passionate about helping couples.  Be it finding solutions in a well-established relationship or guiding proactive work for couples preparing for a strong marriage,  I help couples to have happier, long-lasting partnerships. Navigating through the loaded relationship issues of sex, money, children, and in-laws, there are many opportunities for couples to use their struggles as a tool to build intimacy instead of weaken their connection.  I help them to learn the unique way each other wants to be loved and cared for.  The greatest gift to give or be given is to be known and loved for both our strengths and weaknesses.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is absolutely true when it comes to getting ready to be married. We all go into our weddings hoping to be happily married for good but what can you do to ensure your marriage will be stronger than those you’ve seen?  The Premarital Prep Group is an opportunity to proactively take care of your partnership and plan for a life together as you plan for your wedding. Being engaged is an exciting time but can also be complicated since weddings bring out everyone's most intense emotions.  Over the course of 8 weekly sessions we will cover all of the biggest struggles in relationships while giving you the opportunity to connect with and have the support of other engaged couples. Setting the stage to have a happy, strong, and  lasting marriage, this group is a good fit for both the just-engaged as well as those almost to the altar.