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Being human is just difficult sometimes. Anxiety, big life changes, complicated families and relationships (they're all complicated by the way), loss (so much comes back to grief) - can be a lot to manage. The unique healing power of therapy can be incredibly helpful in navigating what’s difficult and getting reconnected to all the good parts of life.

My goal is to provide you with the experience of working through your challenges with the support, understanding, and perspective of another person who has your best interest at heart as you find your own answers. I'm not the kind of therapist that just sits and quietly blinks at you.  My client's can count on me for an honest relationship. They know where I stand, can trust me to be real with them, and know that they matter to me. Sometimes therapy is painful, sometimes it's enjoyable, but I like to think that, together, we always make it worthwhile.  I'm honored to have a role in helping you to be better, choose better, love better, and therefore, feel better. 

A little about me, I....

• Studied Psychology at UCLA and Pepperdine University.  
• Worked in UCLA’s Marriage Lab studying what makes great marriages. 
• Counseled elementary school children in Santa Monica and homeless schizophrenic people in NYC. 
• Have special training in both grief therapy and sex therapy (try to shock me, it's pretty hard!). 
• Love working with creative entrepreneurs, couples, and women's issues (it's all my favorite).

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16055 VENTURA BLVD. SUITE #921, ENCINO 91436