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By starting therapy you're courageously taking responsibility  for yourself and acting on hope for a better life.  I help you to become more of who you are at your core.  My job is to be an independent champion for you. To help you sift through your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions to get to what isn't working for you which allows you to make the necessary changes.  We all have one life and the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to live it the best we possibly can.   I'm honored to walk and guide you through this process of becoming the stronger and happier version of yourself. 



Working from an integrative framework,  I take mind, body, and spirit into account as we approach your difficulties together. Life is long and we all struggle sometimes with the hard parts of being human...confusion,  conflicts phobias, changes,  anxieties, sadness, grief. My clients are invited to bring whatever struggles they have to therapy and to say whatever they've never been able to say that's been a burden for them.  If you feel it or think it, we can work with it.


Together we take a look at where your business is at and where you'd like it to be and I then I help with strategy, outside perspective, and resources to help you see and achieve what's possible.  I love business strategy and helping creative entrepreneurs and wellness professionals hit their stride to be successful in doing what you love.


Having a thriving partnership is a key element to living a happy, healthy, and long life.  It's amazing when your relationship is easy but, inevitably, there are times when it's just rough.  When both of you are in individual need,  leaving neither to be the support for the other, or when you just can't get on the same page.  I love  helping to find solutions in a well-established relationships or guiding proactive work for couples preparing for a strong future together.  Going to couples therapy doesn't mean your relationship is broken, it means that you're willing to give it the TLC it needs to make it through the long haul.  I have training in sex therapy and am well versed in how to help with disconnections in the bedroom.  The greatest gift to give or be given is to be known and loved for both our strengths and weaknesses.

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"Woman owned" is a special badge of honor and there's a reason for that. It's harder. There are more hurdles to jump, balls to juggle, and complicated feelings to consider as a women in business.  While it is business, it get's personal very quickly  because our businesses are so close to our hearts and represent so much to us. This group is a combination of action-oriented business coaching , therapy as it relates to your business  and what it brings up (insecurities, imposter syndrome,  being liked vs/ being, boundary issues, feelings about money,  work/life balance struggles, etc.), and connection building with other supportive and dynamic working women.  This group helps you to be more successful, enjoy your business more, and tap in to  the sisterhood you are already a part of as a woman in business.


There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. Finding  your way of being a mom can be tricky. How are you different and how are you the same as you were before kids? How do you navigate being a mom, wife, working person, friend, and individual in a way you feel fulfilled by and proud of? In this group you'll connect with other moms, process your feelings, and manage your anxiety as you find your answers to these questions and redefine your sense of self.

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